Let’s Get Started

It’s easy to get a free estimate!

Just email us three or four pictures that show your whole kitchen with a good view of your countertops and backsplash. Showing the cabinet faces helps us estimate your square footage. Here’s an example.

Kitchen Counter
Kitchen Photo
Free Estimate

If you would like to include a drawing with measurements great! Don’t worry too much about how it looks.

Kitchen Counter Measurements
< Something like this is great.

Email your name, phone number,
photos (JPG or PNG) and drawing to

Next, we’ll give you a call and go over your project, we may ask you to take a couple of measurements so have a tape measure handy.

After that we’ll email you an estimate. Your final price will be based on our measurements and a site survey.

If you want to proceed just click the “Buy a site survey button”.
The site survey is $50 and well worth it as it will count as a $100 credit towards your job.

During the site survey we will:

  • Check your cabinets for level.
  • Evaluate your cabinet construction to make sure they are suitable for new counters.
  • Evaluate your plumbing to see if there are any concerns (type of water supply lines, shutoff valves, and drain height).
  • Do an accurate measurement and create a drawing used for ordering the new tops.

We are also happy to just provide you with counters if you do not need our other services. Just give us a call and we can get you a price and help you place your order.