What You Need To Know About Farmhouse Style Sinks

Farmhouse style sinks are becoming a very popular feature in kitchens. Homeowners like their rustic beauty, timeless fashion and total functionality. They’re useful, attractive and unique among kitchen sinks. They’re also large and wide enough to hold dishes from a large meal, and deep enough to hold gallons more than many other types of sinks. If you have plans to install a farm sink in your kitchen, here’s what you need to know about selection and installation.

Farmhouse Sinks Require Special Cabinet Modification

Most cabinets are built for drop-in sinks, with a hole in the countertop. Farm sinks fit a little differently. They sit forward in the cabinet, requiring a 10-inch space to be cut specially for them, and they’re deep enough to extend into the cabinet doors.To insert a farm sink into an existing cabinet, often a new front panel and doors must be constructed. Sometimes, homeowners choose not to purchase a farmhouse sink just to avoid the trouble and expense of replacing the cabinet.

Kholer Brand Makes a Farmhouse Sink for Existing Cabinets

If you’re a homeowner who would like to purchase a farmhouse sink, there’s good news! Kohler makes an apron front sink designed to fit into an existing cabinet with minimal modification. It’s called the Whitehaven, and it’s available in many sizes, colors, and configurations. At Precision Countertops and Tile, we can install this sink by making a few minor cabinet modifications and by building the necessary support inside the cabinet to hold your sink. If you want a farmhouse sink as part of your countertop project, check out the Kohler Whitehaven.

Pick the Right Color

The color of the farmhouse sink is important, even more important than drop-in sinks, which are naturally less visible. Standard farm sinks are often made of fireclay, and may come in a variety of colors, including white, gray, blue, brown or even black. Some farm sinks, including the Whitehaven Hayridge, have a textured front panel to add visual interest to the sink. [picture whitehaven_hayridge.jpg] Classic farm sinks come with a flat white apron and are made from a white fireclay or cast-iron covered in white enamel. [picture whitehaven_newprod_hero_v1.jpg

Tips for choosing a sink of the right color:

  • Visit a show room where you can look at the different colors and materials, in person.
  • Hold samples of sink colors and materials up to your countertop, to gauge the way the two would look when placed together.
  • Consult with family members and members of your household to get a second opinion, if needed.

Copper farmhouse sinks, which are also fairly common, change color over time. Copper develops a patina which begins to darken as it ages.

Know the Materials and How They’re Maintained

Farmhouse sinks can be made from different materials, and not all sinks are maintained in the same way. Knowing the different maintenance requirements of each type of material can also help you decide which farmhouse sink is best for you.

  • Enamel and fireclay sinks can be scratched if cleaned with the wrong materials, and may stain in areas where they become scratched. The best way to maintain these sinks is to clean them with baking soda and vinegar.
  • Copper is anti-microbial and requires little more than cleaning with soap and water. If you wish to remove the patina, soak the copper in vinegar.

Contact an Expert

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