Q. Are seams invisible?

A. No. Seams in Granite and Quartz countertops are never invisible or completely smooth to the touch. They are generally unobtrusive, very narrow and almost completely smooth to the touch, but seams in any stone top are never invisible.

Q. Which is better? Granite, quartz or marble.

A. That is a personal decision. For hygiene, Quartz is your best choice as it is non porous. Marble is beautiful but is very soft and porous, which makes it prone to staining, scratching and chipping. Granite is very hard and durable like quartz but is porous and requires sealing. Granite can stain if not maintained but is almost impossible to scratch.

Q. Will my existing plumbing work?

A. Maybe. The biggest issue is with the drain inlet height under the sink. Under mount sinks are generally deeper than drop in sinks plus since they are attached to the underside of the countertop they will sit 1.5 inches lower. Sometimes the drain inlets are to high for the new deeper sinks. When this is the case a plumber will need to lower the drain inlets. We always check the drain heights at the Site Survey.

Q. Can I re-use my faucet?

A. Sometimes. If you currently have an under mount sink and some sort of stone tops you probably can re-use your existing sink. We would have to determine this at the Site Survey and we will not guarantee that the old sink will come out without breaking. You may have to remove the old sink on your own.

Q. What is the template?

A. The template is possible the most critical part of the job. The template is a digital pattern that is made of your existing countertops. The digital template is reviewed by the Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.) department and then is converted into the file used to cut your tops. Absolutely no changes can be made to your kitchen after the template is made.

Q. Will my cabinets or floor support the weight?

A. Yes. Although the new stone countertops are quite heavy the weight is spread out over a large area. New granite or quartz countertops weigh approximately 20 pounds per square foot. Compare that to the average person who weighs 150 pounds and occupies about one square foot of space.

Q. Is quartz cheaper than granite?

A. No. Quartz actually starts out a little higher than the starting price of granite. Both granite and quartz have different price points based on color and design. Once you get past the starting price of granite they pretty much parallel each other

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